Odin Falls Alpacas

Breeding Champions to Champions In the Pursuit of the Perfect Alpaca

Huacaya Foundation Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 4-Sight's CovergirlLight Rose GreyUnproven2Ask 
 Amber Autumn CicilyMedium FawnProven4Ask 
 Amber Autumn LataraWhiteProven4Ask 
 Amber Autumn RachelBeigeProven4Ask 
 AmberlyMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven7Ask 
 CCNF AcapellaBeigeProven3Ask 
 Crescent Moon's ApropellaBay BlackUnproven3Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Fa La LaWhiteProven4Ask 
 Crescent Moon's FayLight BrownProven9Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Gold DustMedium FawnProven7Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Moonlight MemoriesTrue BlackProven5Ask 
 Crescent Moon's RacquelBeigeProven5Ask 
 H2R PrimroseLight BrownUnproven2Ask 
 Heaven's Hill SophiaMedium FawnProven4Ask 
 Hobby Horse Evening ShadowTrue BlackFull PeruvianProven3Ask 
 Irish Meadows' NectarMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven4Ask 
 Mountain Jewel Amber HeartMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianProven5Ask 
 Odin's Black EcstasyTrue BlackProven2Ask 
 Odin's CharoDark Rose GreyUnproven<1Ask 
 Odin's Evening AdonnisLight Silver GreyProven4Ask 
 Odins AngelMedium FawnUnproven3Ask 
 Odins Defiant Destiny 1WhiteProven3Ask 
 Odins' Ascent to FreedomMedium BrownFull PeruvianUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Black WidowTrue BlackFull PeruvianUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Dream CatcherWhiteUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Early BirdLight FawnUnproven1Ask 
 Odins' Favorite ChocolateMedium BrownUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Full Moon RescueWhiteUnproven1Ask 
 Odins' Keep'em WaitinDark Rose Grey <1Ask 
 Odins' La NinaLight Fawn <1Ask 
 Odins' Late Day MiracleWhiteUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Little VictoriaLight FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Morning GloryLight FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Noble RosebudDark Rose GreyUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Nortek DreamerWhiteUnproven1Ask 
 Odins' Pretty in PinkBeige <1Ask 
 Odins' RavenTrue BlackUnproven1Ask 
 Odins' Royal LegacyWhiteUnproven1Ask 
 Odins' Scarlett O'haraBay BlackUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Smoke JumperDark Silver GreyUnproven<1Ask 
 Odins' Unexpected SurpriseDark FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites Agnes LorraineBay BlackUnproven3Ask 
 Red Granites ChickletMedium FawnProven4Ask 
 Red Granites Minnie RoseMedium BrownUnproven3Ask 
 Ridge Valley Lady Camille of DorianDark FawnUnproven1Ask 
 Snow Diamond Day DreaminWhiteProven4Ask 
 Snow Diamond MinervaWhiteProven4Ask 
 Snow Diamond NoblesseLight FawnProven3Ask 
 Snow Diamond PacadillyWhiteFull PeruvianProven6Ask 
 Snow Diamond Sun KissedMedium FawnProven4Ask